Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why I Love Fall

This is our tree lined street and a series of these maple trees sit right outside our building. I think I could live on this street for the rest of my life if I could look at this everyday. Everytime I left the house or got out of my car, I couldn't help but take a minute to stare at the trees. The whole sidewalk seemed to be lit by the bright yellow canopy above. So beautiful!
And this is why fall is my favorite season.


  1. SOOOO jealous!!! We were in Iowa this weekend and it was beautiful! Don't get much of that here in FL :(

  2. I have one word for you.... JEALOUS! I live in California, we have Palm Trees and it is in the 70's low 80's here today. I could live on your street too for the rest of my life :) Happy fall!


  3. I am SO with you on this one! Fall is my favorite, beautiful and not too cold! I was just recently in D.C. and I was totally taken aback by all the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves!

    Happy Monday,

  4. Absolutely beautiful! It looks like a post card!I love your street, too, and all the cute restaurants in the area - you need to share those with your readers, too!