Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Tablescape

It's time again for Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Between Naps on the Porch.

Sunday is my and my husband's first wedding anniversary. So I decided to do a tablescape that had our wedding colors and resembled our reception tables.

Our wedding colors were cream, sage green and chocolate brown.

Half of our reception tables had flower filled pumpkins as the centerpiece and the other half had vases filled coffee beans and a birch candle.

Here are some pictures of the centerpieces.

Here's a little champagne and cocktail napkins with our new monogram.

These are the actual candles from the reception that we bought at Target. I still light them all the time and they have lasted the whole year!

I had these two pinecone candles and decided to use them to resemble the pinecone placecards from the wedding.

(from the wedding)

The placecards from the wedding were printed and stamped by me so I had a few left over and thought I could use them again for holidays or other get togethers.

Check out the rest of my wedding pictures here, here and here.


  1. Well now -- both are beautiful -- your wedding reception and your memory anniversary table - Happy Anniversary - and wishing you many more years of love!

  2. Happy Anniversary! This table is so beautiful. Such great colors. Thank you for letting me have a peek at your wedding reception. You captured the essence of your reception in your table. Beautiful, and I'm sure it brings back some fairy-tale memories.

  3. Super nice and Happy Anniversary ! I love your colors!

  4. Love the blue green napkin with the clear glass the pine cone place card holders...

  5. I love the colors you used for your wedding! You did a good job recreating it here for your anniversary. LOVE those pinecone placecard holders! Did you eat the top of the cake? My daughter's is in my freezer--waiting for June :) Happy anniversay!

  6. Susan- Thanks for the compliments! Actually I have no idea what happened to the rest of our cake. We only ate those two pieces and I think they served the rest to other people so I guess the top never got saved :( Oh well, I hear it never tastes the same.

  7. purdy, purdy! Nice job lady! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary and your wedding photos are lovely.

  9. Gorgeous tables. I love the pinecones and the different textures make the table so interesting. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love this table! The pallet is so soothing! I love the reception pictures thrown did a great job recreating the effect! I love the birch and coffee beans!

  11. Cool. Thanks for showing pics from the wedding too!! Nice soothing combo of colors!