Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let Project Christmas Begin!

I am really in the Christmas spirit early this year but I don't care. Since I'm not hosting Thanksgiving at my house I feel that it's ok that I've already put away my fall decorations and brought out the Christmas. Plus, I'm not bringing out the Christmas tree until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I am going for a woodland/outdoorsy theme this year with lots of metallics. I think that a lot of my decorations have a great winter look that they can stay up a little past Christmas and not look out of place.

Here is my favorite piece so far. This is my bar cabinet that I didn't really decorate last year but am LOVING it this year.
I found those great pinecone lights at Target for $9.
And the garland was half priced at Hobby Lobby. Only $3.50!
The star lantern was a souvenir I found in Austin, TX. I just stuffed the inside with white xmas lights to make it glow.

Here's a close up of the pinecone lights. They are covered with a little bit of glitter and give off a soft glow.

Stay tuned to see the rest of my Christmas decorations.


  1. I love the pinecone lights paired with your lantern just great!

  2. I started my decorating yesterday- i also found some cute stuff at Target. I love the lantern-what a clever solution!

  3. Just came across your blog and I'm loving it! :) I have that same wine-rack.