Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Week Part III: Outdoor Pics & The Reception

After the wedding we hopped onto the trolley and toured Milwaukee and the lakefront.

We got off to take some pictures.
The bridesmaids: (from left to right) Laura & Kayla my twin sisters, Kate my friend from high school and Corrine a friend of the family.
The groomsmen: (from left to right) Ryan's brother Danny, James his friend from high school and Chris and Joe his friends from college.
A beautiful bridge by the lakefront.
This is the spot where Ryan proposed to me. It's a staircase to a restaurant that overlooks the lake.
The art museum. (our reception building is just across the street from this!)
The cake cutting.
Banana spice cake, yum!
Here's a look at the back of my dress.
Dancing with my dad. Not sure what was so funny :)
Dancing with my stepdad.

Ryan dancing with his mom.

So there you have it! A look into the best day of my life! The whole day was filled with so much love and it was great sharing it with great friends and family.

Happy anniversary Babe :)

(all photos by Emily Jane Photography- Southeastern Wisconsin)


  1. Great pictures! I especially love outdoor pictures right now.

  2. You two make a very handsome couple. Thanks for sharing your special day. --Delores