Thursday, June 4, 2009

What To Do...

So this chair is in need of some help. But I'm having a hard time finalizing the details.

First, should I keep the wicker sides or not?

Second, should I re-finish the wood or paint it?

And lastly, what color fabric should I go with?

Here is the color of my couch, a navy blue. And the painting has reds and fuschias in it. But I don't know if I want to match the color of the couch so that I can just change out the pillows whenever I want. Or should I go with the reds? Or go in a totally different direction?

Here are some possible examples:


  1. As the one purchasing most of the doodads and unnecessary-but-oh-so-wanted items for your little apartment, my well-considered choice would be the first or the last. Amy Butler is one of my all time favorite fabric designers. Keep it somewhat neutral so it will last you a while, and make sure you purchase home decorating weight fabric. Also, I would suggest painting the chair/wicker white. Anna Marie Horner and your little What About Orange gal have nice fabric choices, as well. We can look around up here, too. JoAnn Fabrics has their home dec fabric on sale (50% off) until this weekend.

    Terry in Milwaukee :)

  2. By the way, is there a prize for posting first??

  3. Well thanks for the input Terry in Milwaukee (aka Mom!). I appreciate all of the beautiful doodads you have purchased for me.

    And yes your prize is shopping for great finds in Austin, TX in 2 weeks! Can't wait!

  4. I love the chair. I will painted a high glossy white or black and I'm just in love in the pink and white stripe fabric by J Caroline Creative.