Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project Storage

So we have 1 month left until we move into our new apartment. And like I said before, we are downsizing from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom unit. My biggest concern is finding/creating enough storage space. There are only 3 closets to use for all of our clothes, linen, coats, etc. So my wheels are turning on how to create storage from every inch of unused space.

I will definitely be planning on utilizing under-the-bed space for my out of season clothes.

We do not have a linen closet for the bathroom and there is little extra space, however we do have a medicine cabinet. So I plan on making the most of that space.

I love these flower planters used as bathroom accessory caddies. We have a large pushed back window in the shower that leaves a nice sized ledge/alcove to house all shower necessities. These planters might look very nice there!

I love these cubby boxes for washcloths, soaps and cotton balls.

We have a large closet in the living room that will house the majority of our junk! So I plan on finding a variety of storage boxes, baskets and file holders.

I love wire locker baskets!

I don't think I'll be using this in our apartment but I will be keeping it on file for future use. I love the daybed and what good use of storage with the baskets.

This is another picture I'll keep on hand for future use. I love the look of a corner kitchen nook with a bench seat. These always look so inviting to me. And when a kitchen is too small for a large table this still seats the same amount of people without feeling crowded.


  1. Love all the pictures! Very inspiring - it will be interesting to see what you end up doing!

  2. What great photos! Good luck with the move and it looks like you are well prepared for your storage solutions. The kitchen nook photo is adorable, makes you want to take a seat and have a cup of coffee and a croissant!

  3. Great pics! I've been doing the same thing. :)

    Susan @