Friday, June 26, 2009

Back from Texas

I'm back from my mini vacation to Austin and San Antonio, Texas. I went with my mom and sisters to celebrate their 21st birthdays. We had such a blast together and really enjoyed the hot weather. It seems as though we have brought the hot weather back with us to the Midwest.

On our trek to from Austin to San Antonio we stopped off at the outlet mall to check out Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn.

I have never seen a store so big. It was like a warehouse!

Austin had these cute little metal campers where they would sell cupcakes, crepes or iced coffee.

Almost every restaurant had a patio area for outdoor dining.

We did some house drive-bys to pick out where we want to live next!

This house had the most gorgeous outdoor room above the carport. I can just imagine how breezy and relaxing it must be sitting up there under the fans.

This is my favorite!

All of us at the lake.

Happy birthday girls! I had the best time!

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  1. I could do serious damage in a Pottery Barn or C&B outlet store... I didn't realize such things existed!
    Looks like a great trip.