Monday, June 21, 2010

Trip to Hobby Lobby

My trip to Hobby Lobby was quite successful. Let's take a look at the goods:
A double pail container with a handle. I plan to use this to hold silverware or napkins and haul it out to the back patio for some outdoor dining.
A glass jar, patriotic baking cups and some red, white and blue sprinkles. I saw on Martha Stewart's website some chocolate and sprinkles covered pretzels. I plan on whipping up some of these and staking them up in the glass jar.
Some paper tags that can be used for gifts or as placecards at the table.
4 napkins
And a wire basket I plan to use to hold all my cloth napkins.

And stay tuned to see how all these patriotic items come together in my 4th of July tablescape.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog - I love hobby lobby! Great stuff at great prices!

    As for peonies - definitely check out farmers markets but I know I have also seen them at whole foods as well for 10 dollars for a bouquet of them. I have also seen them at Crate and Barrel on North ave (they have a live flower section) but they are super pricey there ($7 a stem). Good luck!

  2. I miss hobby lobby soooo much!! They dont have them in FL so I have to settle for Michael's, close enough I guess!! :)