Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Decor

Some new spring-ish additions to my home.
My coffee table tray is adorned with a ceramic bird and a bird nest with oragami-wrapped eggs. An Ikea vase filled with some moss. Topped with a flower candle votive.
I made these eggs last Easter. Oragami paper covers a plastic egg, adhered with Mod Podge.

My bar cabinet.
Another bird :)
My dining room sideboard.
My new jute tablerunner from Target.
Some vintage Easter postcards.
Some more moss and another bird's nest.
Mini candle votives from HomeGoods.
Vintage-looking banners from Michael's and a sweet little bunny.
And of course you need some fresh cut flowers. Even Tiki took a moment to enjoy them!
A bunch of yellow daffodils.
Now just bring on the spring weather :)

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  1. Hi Megan! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I naturally had to come check yours and it is too cute! I esp like this post, you are so crafty!