Monday, January 6, 2014

Back Door Entryway

Our back door entryway is right off of the kitchen.  Here's what it looked like when we first moved in.

The first little update we did was to add bamboo paneling.  (The post on this DIY project can be found here.)  We had ceiling damage and instead of tackling the daunting task of skim-coating the plaster, we decided to just cover it up.

Then we decided to add some board and batten to the walls to add some visual appeal.  But it could also be very functional by adding hooks for coats and bags.  Here's a look at the start of the project when we were working on our kitchen re-do.

And finally, here is the reveal.

We added the board and batten, hooks from Ikea, and carried the same paint colors from the kitchen.

We also replaced the original door with this full glass door.  It adds so much light to this previously dark nook.

This is the best look- functionality for little backpacks :)

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  1. From the paint color, board and batten to the glass door – you have really done a great job! It’s a wise move to install a glass door. Your kitchen really looked dark before but with the door, it helps natural light to come in, thus, making your kitchen brighter.

    Francis @