Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guest Bedroom & Closet Re-do

This is our guest bedroom closet...

We removed the weird shelving that was in there when we purchased the home and repainted the walls.

After some Ikea closet pieces, here is the after...

At Ikea, you can design and piece together your own closet configuration.  First you decided where you want shelves and where you want hanging space.

Then you pick out the size of shelf/hanging brackets.

Now I have lots of space for my purses, overnight bags and overflow from my own closet.

And this is what the guest bedroom looked like when we first moved in...

After some new paint, trim color, and accessories, this is what the room currently looks like...

The look of the room all started with this vintage light I found at antique store.

Shortly after that, I found this classroom map at an antique mall for just $50.

This is my husband's grandma's dresser that she gave to us.  I painted it a fun kelly green to match the light pendent.

I added new hardware from Home Depot.

My mom found a pair of these chairs at an estate sale for just $30!  I took one and my sister took the other.  There may be plans to re-upholster it in the far future but for now it brings out the oranges in the map.

My husband just started law school and currently studies in this room.  I have plans to find a secretary desk to put in place of the bookcase on the right.  That way my husband has a writing surface and storage for his books.  But can still be hidden when guests come to stay.

I held out for a long time to find the perfect accent pillows.  I think these Home Goods pillows do the trick.  The have the same blues and greens and the ikat pattern seems blend in perfectly.

There's still work to be done in this room (finding a secretary desk, rug and wall art) but for now I'm loving the bright colors during these cold, wintery days.

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