Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Pinterest Challenge: Pinata Costume

I'm joining Sherry and Katie on the Fall Pinterest challenge.

I saw this pinata costume on Pinterest this summer and knew immediately that I had to make it for my son.

And here is what I came up with.

The hat is made out of foam sheets and hot glue.

I just hot glued 4 pieces together as the hat base.

And I added some elastic string as the chin strap.

The outside is covered in rows of felt that I later cut into fringe.

Same thing with the ears: foam sheets that were rolled into cone shapes.

Hot glue those to the base of the hat.  (If I had to do it over, I'd make the ears smaller.  Theses are too big and make the hat top-heavy.)

I found a large footy pajama set at Goodwill (only $2!!) and used that as my costume base.  I bought it 2 sizes bigger to accommodate for layered clothing underneath.

I sewed rows of felt to the entire outfit and tried to work around the zipper.  I hot glued the rows of felt to the sleeves since they were too small to fit into the sewing machine.

And here's the finished product!

iPhone photos from Friday night trick-or-treating


  1. This is sooooo cute! Great job!

  2. Love his! Pinning! :)

  3. I'm dying from the cuteness- LOVE. Nice work!!! :)

  4. oh my goodnes!
    too cute for words


  5. So Cute! And it looks like he would stay warm too! (A plus here in Oregon)

  6. Freaking adorable! Popping in from the Pinterest Challenge; I love your costume! Nice work, Mama!

  7. Ahhhhh, too much cute! I love this costume. Great job!!!