Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Fall

Today we spent our Sunday at the pumpkin patch.

This was Beckett's first encounter with pumpkins.

He was a big fan of hay!

What a great day.

Hope you're enjoying the season :)


  1. Hi! I stumbled onto your blog and I commented on a prior post, but I thought I better comment on the most recent one. I love your white coffee mugs that I saw on a previous Valentine's Day post (I think) and I was curious about where you got them and what pattern they are? They have an excellent shape to them! Thanks!

  2. Oh thanks! I don't know exactly which ones you're referring to but they're either from Crate & Barrel or HomeGoods. HomeGoods is THE best place for cute and affordable :)

  3. Thanks for your reply! I noticed that you have the Crate and Barrel Aspen white dishes, but these mugs looked more like they were from the CB "essential" pattern. I am about to order some of the Aspen dishes, but I like the essential mugs better, so since I thought I spotted them on your blog, I thought I would ask. Do you have the "essential" CB mugs? If so, that is probably them. Thanks so much for enduring my tedious questions! ;-)

  4. Yes my dishes are Aspen and I do remember picking a different pattern for the mugs because I liked the size better but don't remember what the pattern name was. Sorry. Essential might be it :)