Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's Talk About Paint

We're currently in the midst of a painting marathon. We are having our floors re-finished this Monday so we're trying to get all the rooms painted before then.

Here are some of the colors we have picked out:

This is Glidden's Muslin White. We are using this on all the ceilings, molding and trim.
The living room and dining room will both be painted in Glidden's Natural Wicker.
Along the same line but a bit more golden is the kitchen's color of Behr's Raffia Cream.
I wanted something bright and bold for the main bathroom so I picked Behr's Winter Lake. I think this will really pop against the white wainscoting and silver fixtures.

The master bedroom will be Behr's Ocean Pearl. We have a new West Elm duvet in a soft green so I think it will look very serene with this paint color.
And finally, we have Behr's Silver Setting for the baby's room. This matches the grey/blue in the fabric choice for the curtains.
The colors for the guest bedroom and basement have yet to be determined but I'm thinking about having a rich chocolate brown accent wall for the guest room.

We're slowing trucking along. I think we're planning on having my baby shower at our new house so I have a March deadline to have everything done and moved in by then. I need a deadline, though, to keep me motivated :)

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