Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Tour- The Before Pics

We closed on our house last week and have been preparing for the projects ahead. We have someone coming in 2 weeks to refinish the hardwood floors and stain them a shade or two darker. And before he gets there, we need to paint all the ceilings and walls.

So before the projects begin, I thought I'd share the before pictures.
From the front door you walk right into the living room.
I love this little built-in. This is directly across from the front door so I'm thinking of putting a console table against the wall to the left to designate the entryway.
How great are these windows?? They take up the whole wall and let in so much light.
This is the front door.
Off the living room is the dining room.
These stairs off the dining room lead to the second level.
Here's a little breakfast bar and the kitchen.
In this eat-in kitchen, my dad will be building some banquette seating.
Off the kitchen is the backdoor to the backyard and a stairway to the basement.
Down to the basement.
As you can see we have already started demolition in the basement. There used to be carpeting and a counter and cabinets along the far wall. We have taken out the cabinets and the fridge will be leaving as well to make room for a wall to wall desktop. We'll make 2 workspaces here- one for an office desk and the other for my sewing/crafting desk. Once some crawlspace work has been completed we'll put in new carpet.
There is even a half bath in the basement.
Up on the second level this will be the baby's room.
Directly across from the stairs is the full bathroom.
I love the wainscoting.
There is even a great linen closet in the bathroom.
On the other side of the bathroom is the guest bedroom.
This room was originally the master bedroom so it has 2 closets. This larger one will house our out-of-season clothes.
And the smaller one will be used to store bed linens.
And finally there is one more staircase leading up to the third level.
This is the master bedroom converted from attic space.
I love this little nook by the dormer window.

And best of all...a walk-in closet!
Here's a view of the backyard (and the garage on the left).

So there you have it- a quick walkthrough of our first home. We are so anxious to start the projects and bring you along for the ride.

Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on the new house! Looks like you have planned enough projects to keep you busy for a while. Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!

  2. How exciting to start a family and move into your first home. Congratulations!