Monday, August 2, 2010

Movin' Up!

The bad news: our apartment's kitchen/dining room flooded a week ago.
The good news: the unit directly above us was being renovated and was complete on Friday.

Even though we weren't too keen on the idea of packing up and moving again, we were really pumped for spruced up place!

Our old place and our new place are the exact same layout so it was easy to put everything back in it's correct spot.

Here is what our old kitchen looked like:
The built-ins were nice and added great character but really broke up the kitchen and dining room spaces.

And here is the new dining room and kitchen. This picture is a little dark because the sunlight just pours into our new unit :)
The kitchen! Complete with new Ikea cabinets. (please ignore our clutter- we are still in the unpacking phase)
See how everything flows much nicer without the built-in cabinets. I think it makes the space look bigger too.
Lighting inside the glass cabinets.
Look how the light just bounces off my glassware.

Modern handles and the cabinets have a no-slam feature.
More lighting underneath the cabinets.
And a new kitchen sink.
The Swedish design faucet. The end of the faucet pulls out as a hose. Fancy fancy!
We are so pleased with the final results and are loving our new place.

More pictures to come!

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  1. It looks soooo great!!!! How fun to move into a new place! I love it! :)