Monday, April 19, 2010

San Diego Trip

Just got back from San Diego and LOVED it!!

I think the best part was that everything was so green and full of color.
And I love all the architecture.
This is the bridge from downtown to the museum park and zoo.
These flowers were my favorite! They were everywhere.

All the restaurants downtown had outdoor patio seating.
We spent a day on Coronado Island.
A little beach action.
The Hotel del Coronado.
The hotel's sundeck that overlooks the ocean.
Even this Coronado hair salon is adorable.

The homes of Coronado:

Rounding out the week with a trip to La Jolla:
The seals that have taken over the childrens' beach.

How cute is this? Having a little picnic on the beach!
Look at that little table.
My favorite style of house. Can I move in??
And the site of the wedding we attended.
Our trip was short but amazing. Probably one of my favorite vacation spots to date.

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  1. Looks like you went to Balboa Park? It is beautiful! I live in San Diego and try to take photos at Balboa and Coronado Island as much as possible. An even better place to see the sights from SD is Kate Session's park. It overlooks the harbor and is off the beaten path.