Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Mom's Merry Home Tour

I just got home from my parents' house tonight. While I was there I decided to snap some pictures of their decked out halls.

The tour begins at their front door.
The porch has one of many Xmas trees.
An adorable garland-wrapped chair with a lantern by its side.

Inside, you find a vase filled with vintage ornaments...
...another vase with red ornaments.
The bar cabinet is draped with garland and lights.
A cute little reindeer.
A nativity scene sits on top of the entertainment center.

The large main Xmas tree in the corner of the family room.
The mantle above the fireplace.
Adorable plaid candle votives. I love love LOVE these!

A gorgeous box filled with poinsettias.

A mini tree by the front door that has an Iowa theme (my mom's home state).
Here are some of the ornaments: a hen
a pig
John Deere tractor lights
a barn
a cow
Another mini tree in the basement that has a fishing/ Up Nort theme.

a catfish
a canteen
a fishing boat
a tackle box

a fishing vest
a bear
a moose
Even the bathroom is decked out!
I love this old shutter. I think I need one :)

And now the kitchen. Lovely poinsettia plates.

Garland wraps around the chandelier.
A beautiful Xmas tray sits on top of a homemade tablerunner.

A vintage Xmas postcard.
And one last themed Xmas tree- a baking theme of course!
Several mini baking tins.
a thermos

a rolling pin
and an apron-wearing snowman.
Merry Christmas to all! There's no place like home :)


  1. Hey Megan, you have captured some great shots of your parents home! It looks so warm and inviting! I love the "plaid" candleholders...I needed those for my last tablescape! :) I love the shutter...and as I was looking closer, I have the same table that the shutter is on, it was my grandmothers table, that use to have a lamp attached to it, I took that off and painted it sits in my 3 year old's room...TMI!!! :)
    Anywho, their house looks great! Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow,Meg! Thanks for the space on your sweet blog!! Merry Christmas from Wisconsin!!!

  3. Wow! You really go all out for Christmas! You have some great ornaments. I love the (above door?) plate rack. Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. That is really cool! I love the vintage ornaments! And all the theme trees.

  5. I LOVE the wrapping you did with the brown paper!!!!