Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ryan and I just got married this past November and have just hit our six month anniversary! We’re well on our way now! I have really embraced my new role as “Susie Homemaker.” A lot has already happened in just these six months. We moved into our first apartment three months before we got married and got our first pet, a cat named Murphy, a month later. Also, just like everyone else, we have been affected by the economy and have made the decision to move into a smaller, lower rent apartment. If things turn around quickly for us, then at least we'll have an early jump on saving up for a house.

I decided to start this blog as a way to journal our journey through our first year of marriage and how to make any place, including a rental, a home. Since we will be downsizing I will show how we repurpose our furniture from our old apartment into our new place and give tips on making the most of the space you’ve got. And since “Susie Homemaker” is my new name, I’ll show my favorite entertaining, cooking and decorating ideas.

Here’s to a new beginning!

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